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Learn how to do the chum kiu form in wing chun from sifu alex richter in this howcast martial arts video. Understanding the second part of chum kiu there are many others, please download. If you are a beginner when it comes to fighting, that concept itself for you is likely no more than throwing a punch here or giving off a kick there. Please use this for historical reference and for studying his movements. For reasons of extra knowledge about selfhealing and the use of chi kung the following has been adapted in our schools with reference from whom it is learned. Practice using the turning or yiu ma, with techniques to help generate. Here we learn body torque, unity of upper and lower bodies, elbow. This device isexcellent for the strengthening and conditioning of the hands andwrist, as well as. Jyun ma turning stance, hau ma back stance, are incorporated using yiu ma waist power, to generate force in.

In this part you learn the proper height and width of your stance. Chumkiu can also be looked on as the bridge between the hand motions of the first form, and the emergency motions of the third form. Some of the benefits of training chum kiu are as follows. Chum kiu is to utilize the body weight of a person as the source of energy and combining the moves of siu nim tau to create a skill that can apply force in different directions. The more you practice this form the better your balance. Chum kiu form wing chun chinese martial arts scribd. Without good chum kiu a wing chun stylist will sometimes mistakenly think that he has to. Chum kiu wing chun gung fus second form by augustine. In this chum kiu instruction dvd, you will learn to generate power through body shifting, the use of footwork and the theory of twodirectional force. Chum kiu, along with many of its applications both. After a proficient level is attained in the siu nim tau, chum kiu is taught.

One of his students, sifu greg leblanc, completed the system under gary lam and i. Thus chum kiu is a bridge to greater understanding of the ving tsun system. Green wing chun complete sil lim tao syllabus basic kick defence 1 front kick basic knife defence 1 lunge cross reference, pak sau, turn tan if blocked lan sau to trap and strike guard attacks wrap, snake, open turning tan sau bong sau combinations boxing elements fighting form. Chum kui station come complete with five 11x11 rice filled heavy duct canvas bags located in all directions.

Get your team aligned with all the tools you need on one secure, reliable video platform. The kicks, the steps, chi sau, lop sau, double motions such as pak da, san sau, man sau, slow sparring and two person timing work are all informed by chum kiu. Intermediate level will improve your basic wing chun techniques, and will look at the system with a deeper understanding, using much higher skill sets in chi sau and more practical and realistic applications to your street work. The first section of chum kiu teaches how to use turning and techniques at the same time, for example the bong sau and wu sau with turning and body shifting. For one reason or an other i managed to speak to a handful of gary lam students recently. The second martial arts form of wing chun is called chum kiu in cantonese. Theyou have two bags inch bags located right and left. Wing chun kung fus second form, chum kiu builds on the base of knowledge learned in the first form and teaches the practitioner how to use these skills under different conditions ie. Meaning armseeking, we seek out the opponent in order to take the fight to them. A pdf creator and a pdf converter makes the conversion possible. You havethree located at upper, forward, and bottom locations.

The pdf24 creator installs for you a virtual pdf printer so that you can print your. For some reason every holiday season i feel like working on chum kiu. Much emphasis is directed to maintaining correct tai gung, drawing energy up through the spine and centre of the body, and using that energy to. These are terms used in the chinese martial art wing chun.

Related searches for wing chun form chum kiu related searches wing chun chum kiu movements ip chun chum kiu chum kiu pdf chum kiu applications chum kiu form sequence 3 forms of. The highest quality closeup video of yip man chum kiu ip man wing chun form. If the theory of chum kiu is analysed carefully, it is found that it has reached the acme of perfection. How sifu chan was able to put so much info into one fifty minute video is beyond me. However, if you manage to have someone who cares to explain to you the. It is executed manually and generates messages on queues 25, 26 or 45 in origin cities. In other words, chum kiu is the form applicable to fighting. The skill enhancement marches side by side with the martial artists growth in chum kiu.

Chum kiu normal view this is a video of chum kiu to be used as a memory aid for training. Chum kiu is the intermediate set of wing tsun kungfu, which should normally be. Some of those terms are used in jeet kune do, sometimes with a different meaning. Debatable whether it is correct to use metric prefixes with nonmetric units, but that is probably the intent. It builds upon many of the basic principles and techniques learned in the first wing chun openhand form, siu nim tao. Wooden dummy handarm techniques from siu nim tau or chum kiu unless indicated otherwise man sau. Chu shong tin 2003 seminar dvd siu nim tao, chum kiu, chi sao the. It is not a how to why to video, it is strictly for those who are sometimes away from the club and require a. The chum kiu idea is searching for the bridge dar establishing a punching line, and sinking the bridge wu avoiding the opponent to do the same by controlling his frontality by squared arm positions. Study each section diligently and ving tsun will reward your perseverance. Wumeiyongchun, school for wing chun kung fu and gwan tao.

Conceptually the concept is to create a bridge with an attackers arm, allowing a wing chun practitioner the ability to stick, trap and follow up with counter attacks. Maybe it is the colder weather making me want to sweat more, maybe it is the vast amount of food that makes me want to be more active. These techniques mainly focus on bridging the gap between you and your opponent. Wing chun formschum kiu wikibooks, open books for an. Chum kiu form 2011 in this second form training video, youll learn the second form of the wing chun system chum kiu or searching bridge this brings the knowledge you have learned in the sil lim tao form and introduces you to kicking, footwork, and power generation. The martial art wing chun has just three hand forms, one form performed against a wooden dummy and two weapons forms. Chum kiu is translated as searching for the bridge, and is the wing chun intermediate level form. Since siulimtao develops proper structure, stance, centerline, handeye coordination, qi development, body unity and the power of proper intent, chumkiu adds and develops three more energies.

The focus is on the proper maintenance of the bodys central axis and its motions, which helps with. Wing chun ku second form chum kiu builds on the base of knowledge learned in the first form and teaches the practitioner how to use these skills under different conditions. Of course, one cannot fight effectively from a stationary position, so in chum kiu we learn to apply the arm movements from siu nim tao, along with pivoting the body and stepping. Presumably k should be lower case is used in its metric prefix sense, meaning. Please note, there is only one disk and that the conversion process from one. The chum kiu form is personally demonstrated by sifu chan himself and the chi sau segments feature sifu chan and his advanced level instructors.

Jun fan chum kiu techniques are seeking the bridge or attachment entering techniques or bridging the gap techniques. Chum kiu also teaches wing chun is widely recognised as one of the fastest fighting styles in the world. I highly recommend this video for students at all levels of skill in the fighting art of wing chun. Transcript my tips for training the chum kiu form are actually very similar to my tips for training the siu nim tao form.

The focus is on the proper maintenance of the bodys central axis and its motions, which helps with the development of wing chun power and the. Review of sam chans chum kiu dvd everything wing chun. The form buids on the fundamental wing chun stance and introduces the side stance, the forward stance and the arrow step. Chum kiu explores the disruption of an enemys attack from all angles using the principles introduced in siu nim tau. Siu nim tau littleidea the first wing tsunwing chun. All the books and dvds that contain or focus on chum kiu, wing chuns second form, searching bridge. Before i studied the art, a punch was just like a punch, a kick was just like a kick. This form train the hands moving independently of each other in a supporting role as well as being coordinated with body shifting and stepping. The more chum kiu you do the better body balance you will have. Wing chun chum kiu syllabus this page outlines the wing chun kung fu chum kiu part of the syllabus and the students progress through it. Sifu greg lebanc chum kiu interview everything wing chun. Green sash chum kiu syllabus north devon wing chun academy.

Siu nim tau littleidea the first wing tsunwing chun kung fu set ting, leung on. Wing chun kung fu wing chun chum kiu training lesson 18 by master wong. The nature of chum kiu is to train you body balance by playing the form. Chum kiu is the second of three openhand forms of wing chun kung fu. Chum kiu form step by step pdf ing principles and understanding in each developmental stage. While siu nim tau develops proper structure, stance, centerline, handeye coordination, chi aka qi development, body unity and the power of proper intent, chum kiu adds and develops three more energies. Chum kiu eye power trains for clarity of vision and focus in the midst of motion. After a proficient level is attained in the siu nim tau. Wing chun muk jong wooden dummy beginners training drill developing one technique duration. Chum kiu makes the student practice a number of useful skills. They are originally colloquial cantonese or foshan spoken slang.

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