Teradici pcoip log viewer for windows

Teradici pcoip session log and statistics viewer teradici. For pcoip client logs, you can configure the log level, from 0 to 3 most verbose. Go to the pcoip host card ip address from a browser. Pcoverip pcoip is a proprietary remote display protocol developed by teradici. The pcoip log viewer provides capabilities to visualize and analyze pcoip performance metrics collected from pcoip server log files and realtime wmi counters. Pcoip agent events to view events using the windows event viewer. Graphics agent for windows, %programdata%\teradici\pcoipagent\logs. Shows the benefit of the pcoip hardware accelerator in a vmware view deployment. Horizon view 6 pcoip wan, limited bandwidth, optimise. Log files for the pcoip agent are located in the following directories by default. In the event sources dropdown list, select pcoipagentservice. In the event sourcesdropdown list, select pcoipagentserviceand click ok.

The io corp pcoip zero clients are simple, secure, stateless, cloud endpoints, perfect for accessing vmware horizon view, vmware horizon daas, amazon workspaces. Navigate to start control panel system and security administrative tools and doubleclick event viewer. All teradici cloud access software pcoip agents, pcoip zero clients. For now teradici arch only supports microsoft rds publishing over the pcoip protocol using a vmware view connection server but in a subsequent release they are going to support microsoft customers. I have recently found there is an issue with the latest version of the teradici pcoip zero client firmware 3. Mmr is not supported on windows 7 clients or virtual desktops.

You can configure settings to default values that can be. Tips and observations when running view, there is a noticeable increase on the dependence of. Connections can be made to virtual machines via pcoip agents, and to remote workstations via remote workstation cards. Teradici ceo talks vmware, citrix hdx and pcoip roadmap. A guide on how to install and parse pcoip log files can be found here. Monitor pcoip session statistics in vmware horizon view. Network bandwidth planning, general virtual desktop troubleshooting. For vmware horizon or amazon workspaces users, and pcoip zero client and management console administrators. Pcoip pcoverip is a display protocol that encrypts and transports pixels to user devices with unrivaled quality with over million endpoints deployed around the globe, pcoip solutions are relied on daily. The best way to to find out exactly what is causing the problems is by analyzing the pcoip logs which are stored on each virtual desktop with the pcoip log viewer. The pcoip admx template file contains policy settings related to the pcoip display protocol. The pcoip log viewer is a great tool created by a guy within vmware chuck hirstius. You can see from the image below that there are a number of counters with several ones.

I was unable to verify this but i assume its correct. Teradici pcoip client free download windows version. Use this title in the ui, instead of using the download type. Navigate to event viewer local windows logs, rightclick application, and select filter current log.

Pcoip session statistics viewer displays pcoip software session statistics in a clear visual user interface ui. How to identify network issues in pcoip logs 95 teradici. Navigate to start control panel system and security administrative toolsand doubleclick event viewer. Teradici president and ceo dan cordingley spoke with searchvirtualdesktop here at vmworld about the state of the companys vmware partnership and how he responds to critiques of pcoip.

Vmware release a kb1027744 about location of vmware view log files. Pcoip software clients are applications that establish pcoip sessions with remote windows or linux desktops. Perfmon or wmi counters inside the windows session. The protocol is available in hardware and in software. Locating log files teradici graphics agent for windows. Extract the firmware package by running the exe file. The hosts include vmware offered resources, teradici remote workstation cards. Pcoip session log and statistics viewer for horizon 7 teradici. The program can can capture and graph realtime data from a virtual machine vm that is in session, or it can graph previously captured data by dragging and dropping the pcoip session server log files into the application. This is a tool ive been using almost daily in my current project and for the past few months. Deliver windows or linux workloads from the cloud or your data center. Once in perfmon, choose the add counters option and scroll down and look for the pcoip counters. The teradici pcoip session statistics viewer is excellent and just what i was looking for it will display the logs in a nice graphical interface with the following information in realtime or from old. The pcoip workstation access software is installed on a workstation and runs in the background as a windows.

Teradicis new solution expands family of zero clients to ensure that organizations are able to meet a broad range of use cases, including mobile. Use the view pcoip client session variables adm template file pcoip. Pcoip zero ter1206003 computer hardware pdf manual download. A subscription to cloud access will provide you with the latest features for pcoip remote workstation cards, including the recently launched ability to streamline management on windows workstations. Location of vmware view log files 1027744 vmware kb.

Set the event log filter mode to verbose, click apply and. With teradici all access plans, youll get a complete set of remoting solutions for knowledge workers and power users, enabling lower it costs and administrative time while giving your team the flexibility to work any way they need to. Teradici pcoip session log and statistics viewer hello, after the last upgrade of my vmware horizon view environment to 6. Trusted windows pc download teradici pcoip client 3.

As with pcoip zero clients, thin clients are available in a variety of form factors including desktop devices and monitors. Exhibit best opened in a popup windows so you can flick between this. As this is the pcoip agent logs, the left hand side reflects packets lost between the teradici client and pcoip agent and the right hand. Management console, interview, pcoip management console, pcoip zero clients, remote workstation card, zero client deployment, all access, cloud access, cloud access. The teradici pcoip management console is used to manage the dell wyse p25 and p45 zero clients. If you dont have the log viewer installed already youll need java 6.

Teradici all access exclusive access to software, support and resources from the inventors of pcoip technology. If you are already using the log viewer it should auto update if it does not, or if it breaks somehow, just uninstall it via the java control panel console and then reinstall it. Although mmr is not supported on windows 7 virtual desktops, if the windows 7 desktop has 1gb of ram and 2 virtual. You can view highlevel session and connection events generated by the pcoip agent and cloud access.

This affected all users connecting from zero clients both the. This video gives a quick introduction and overview of basic usage of the pcoip log viewer tool. Pcoip on rdsh can be software or hardwarebased, and it hooks right into vmware view so that view can broker pcoip to rdsh in addition to vdi. Teradicis ecosystem of partners offer pcoip zero client desktop devices, laptops, and allinone monitors.

View and download teradici pcoip zero ter1206003 administrators manual online. Packet loss is the % of packets lost in the last 60 seconds. You can learn more about the management console and the many resources directly from the teradici. Thin clients with integrated pcoip client software offer features such as broad peripheral support, wifi, and multiprotocol support, allowing it managers to meet a wide set of use cases. Teradici, the makers of the pcoverip protocol pcoip, recommends that packet loss within a single pcoip protocol session should target less than 0. When she logs back in she does get to pick up where she left off. Pcoip session statistics viewer displays pcoip software session. Slow login times with pcoip we are in the process of upgrading from 4. Teradici important product update notice september 27, 2016 pcoip zero client firmware 5. Take a look at the links for the pcoip log viewer and the pcoip configuration utilities at the end of this post. Viewing windows event viewer pcoip agent logs teradici.

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